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Now that I’m working from home, I find myself sitting way more than I should be. My last job had me walking or standing all day long. That’s a good thing. So, I need to do something to keep myself active so I’m not just sedentary day and night.

We have had a treadmill for years. For months at a time, even maybe up to a year sometimes, it just gathers dust. I did use it a little bit back when the pandemic first started because I was just starting to work from home and wanted to keep active. But, as time has passed, I have found myself liking the sedentary lifestyle a little too much.


This treadmill is very similar to the one we have. I think we’ve had it for about four years now. It’s a great treadmill. The area that you walk on folds up so it takes up less space in the room. It has speeds that go up to 10 mph. Really? Who walks that fast? (haha) Or even runs at that speed for that matter. I’m usually around the 3 mph range. 😉 It also has inclines that go up to 10, too. Now I can say that I’ve actually walked up an incline of 10 before.

It has 20 different workout apps that you can use or you can just do your own thing. That’s what I normally have done. Challenge myself. You can also join iFit and use those workouts, too. Overall, the treadmill is great. Here’s the one problem I have with it, though. I really don’t like walking indoors. I REALLY don’t like walking indoors. REALLY, REALLY. To me, it’s the most boring thing ever. I have tried reading a magazine. I have tried listening to an audio book. I have tried watching a movie. Still boring. Personally I need a change of scenery.


Yes, walking outdoors is where it’s at for me. Feeling the breeze hitting my face as I walk. Listening to cars driving by, birds chirping, and just life in general going on around me. Feeling the pavement under my feet. Having to pay attention to where I’m stepping. I think that’s what makes a difference. I am focused on the moment and nothing else. Whereas on the treadmill, I’m just repeating the same movement over and over again. I don’t have to give much thought to what I’m doing.

My husband asked his doctor about walking on a treadmill and his doctor said that was fine but to do it a certain way. Do it in a way that basically mimics walking outdoors. If not, you are just repeating the same sort of step over and over again and can eventually cause injury to your knees and joints. He suggested that when you walk on a treadmill, you change the elevation periodically so it’s as if you are walking on uneven pavement. When you walki outside, you are constantly changing how you walk because of the different terrain. Interesting. I never thought about that.

So hands down walking outside is my preference. I’m happy to have the treadmill for days when it’s really cold outside or raining. It’s also nice to be able to walk early in the morning when it’s still dark outside. But, any other time, I prefer to lace up my shoes and head outdoors. Take in the fresh air, get some vitamin D, and see the world. What about you?

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