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2020 has been a different year, for sure. As Halloween started approaching, I wasn’t sure what the plans would be. Our kids are all older now and really don’t participate in going trick or treating. However, if their friends have parties or sleepovers, they will jump on that. But, this year was different. None of their friends planned anything and it seemed as if everyone was just staying home and doing their own thing. That’s certainly what we did. We decided to make a Scary Movie night.


My husband was in charge of the movies. He looked for some that we’d never seen before and then did some research and screened them to see what they were all about. He came up with four good ones. I had trouble choosing. We ended up watching The Invisible Man. It was just alright to me. The beginning started off and it seemed like it was going to be great but the more the movie went along it just seemed to get a little corny and not really “scary.” But, we watched it as a family and that made it all the better. 🙂


I made a few things myself and then just bought pre-made snacks. I made mini mummies. They turned out really good. I made some with bbq sauce and some without. I also made some homemade chex mix. That also turned out great. Instead of using bagel chips, though, I substituted with Bugles. You can really substitute just about anything. I threw in some mini marshmallows at the end, too. It’s just a great snack to grab and go. Aside from that we had some bbq chicken nuggets along with plain, as well. We made popcorn and had different seasonings to sprinkle on top. That was definitely different. We also had two huge bags of candy!

Hand out candy or not

Every year we’ve always handed out candy. Well, actually we just place a large bowl on our front porch with a sign asking them to take a couple of pieces. That “usually” works but you know there is always that one person that takes the whole bowl. Anyway, this year we decided to not participate at all. We just felt it would be safer for everyone. No one coming to the door and touching the door or doorbell. No one digging through a candy bowl touching all the pieces to find what they like. So, this year we kept our porch lights off and put a sign on the door saying that we were not participating this year but to have a safe and Happy Halloween.

So next year I’m hoping for a normal Halloween again. One where we can shop for a pumpkin, decorate a little outside and put that big bowl of candy out, once again. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice the “norm” to stay safe but knowing all the while that eventually things will get back to normal.

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