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Have any of you given any thought to whether our pets can catch COVID? Are they safe? Should we take precautions for their safety just as we do ourselves? I have to admit it has crossed my mind especially after hearing stories on the news about some pets testing positive.

The CDC claims that animals can contract the virus after being in contact with infected humans. They are still not sure, however, whether pets can transmit the virus to each other. For now, they suggest that if you are sick or have tested positive, please keep your distance from your pet. Difficult, yes, but it’s for their protection.

Before COVID, I used to walk my dog every morning down to a park in our neighborhood. It’s a popular spot for people to walk their dogs or let them run around in the wide-open space. One day it crossed my mind that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. There isn’t enough research to determine if animals can transmit the virus to each other. It’s not worth taking that risk for her health.

I feel bad that I can’t take her but it’s just a personal decision. When something is a “possibility” or “unknown”, I would rather err on the side of caution. She can still run laps around our backyard for exercise.

So, again, our personal decision but until further notice, we are holding off on walks to the park. I will continue to monitor the CDC and the information it provides about COVID and animals. When that time comes that it’s safe to go back to outdoor walking, she’ll be the first on the leash. After all, she is part of the family and her safety is just as important.

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