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A huge mountain of granite with four presidents faces carved into it. Wow! I have always wanted to go and see this. There is just something majestic about it. I guess part of it is just imagining what it took to carve it. Read this article about the process. Amazing! It took 14 years with about 400 men and women working in harsh and dangerous conditions. I wonder if they had any idea that nearly 80 years later that monument would still be standing and admired.

It would be so cool to visit and watch them working on their faces. I believe they close down the park during those times but man, what a job! I am terrified of heights so I will watch from afar. (haha) When I think about planning a trip to see this, I picture myself renting an RV and traveling. On that trip, I would plan several places to go to knock out many items on my bucket list. I do feel a little more pressure to see this particular monument sooner than later because of the way things are today in our country. It’s terribly sad to see so many historic monuments being destroyed.

Mount Rushmore stands for freedom and America. When I look at it, I get a feeling of being so proud and grateful for who we are and what our country stands for. When the time comes for me to visit, I know without a doubt that I will be swept away.

If you have ever visited Mount Rushmore, I would love to hear about your experience. Was is just as breathtaking as you had imagined? Any particular places to go or see nearby?

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