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Do you like to watch the day begin or end? I guess I should define what a sunset and a sunrise is to me. The sun sets and rises every day but to me, a “real” sunrise or sunset happens over the ocean. Currently, I don’t live near the ocean and I can see the sun set every evening but it’s not the same.


There is just something about watching the sun set over the ocean into the horizon. I used to live on the West coast of Florida and got to experience a lot of sunsets. It’s just the most breathtaking experience. It may be the combination of the sun setting along with all of the relaxing beach sounds like waves crashing, seagulls squawking and just the smell of the beach in general. It’s amazing! I am partial to watching sunsets. I grew up on the West coast and it really does have the better beaches of all of Florida.


Watching the sun rise in the morning gives you a special feeling. It’s something about watching the day begin. Again, it may be that combination of the beach and all of its relaxing properties coupled with the sun rising. It can be very beautiful to watch the ships out in the distance passing as the dark sky becomes lighter and lighter.

Being from Florida, I had the cool opportunity of experiencing both in the same day. I guess that’s sort of a touristy thing to do but it’s cool. You wake up on the East coast of Florida and go out on the beach early in the morning before the sun comes up. Then, once it starts to rise you get to experience the start of the day. Then, you can drive over to the West coast of Florida (about a two hour drive) and go out to the beach in the evening to watch the sun set. It’s like watching the day begin and end in one day.

If you’ve ever been to Florida and have done this exact thing, share how it was for you. If not and you are ever visiting Florida, make a point of doing that. It’s kind of a cool memory to share with people.

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