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As you know from a prior post titled Taco Tuesdays, we try to make a particular meal for each day of the week. Thus, Sundays are perfect for Spaghetti. We’ve been doing that for about a month now and it’s been working out well. I don’t really have to give it much thought when it comes to what I’m making each week or when I’m putting my grocery list together. I remember growing up my family always made hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill every Sunday. Such a nice memory to look back upon. Maybe they had certain meals assigned to certain days, too.

Spaghetti sauce

For years I made my own sauce. I basically took canned tomato sauce and added a bunch of seasonings/spices and a little sugar. But, lately with life just being so busy, I’ve resorted to using jarred sauce. Each week when I place my grocery order, I browse through the different sauces and see which one speaks to me. I exclude anything with mushrooms, however, because my kids don’t like them. There are quite a few sauces out there that I would love to try but I know that once certain items in the sauce are discovered, some people residing in the house won’t eat it. Recently, I’ve used Prego Traditional Sauce. It’s good and definitely a time saver. Even though the sauce is already made and seasoned, I still season it more. I add Italian Seasoning, Garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and salt. I usually brown some ground beef or Italian Sausage links and then add the sauce to it. However, there’s nothing like having homemade sauce. When I used to make my own, I would start it a good two hours before we ate to just let the sauce simmer.

Do you combine your sauce with your noodles before serving? We keep them separate because some of us like a lot of sauce while others prefer a little. Now with the leftovers they do get combined. I like either way but as a family we keep them separate.

Some good sides to make with the spaghetti are garlic bread, salad, or even a good veggie of some kind. We are big bread eaters here so I usually make garlic bread or garlic rolls. Always have some parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top, too.

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