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**I wrote this post back in February of this year and never published it. Better late than never ;)**

We have lived in Texas for about eight years now. Our “usual” winters consist of temps in the 20’s with occasional icing. Nothing significant really. We do get snow on occasion, as well, but it’s usually a few inches one day and then it’s melted and gone the next.

Last month changed everything for Texas. The weather we experienced was something we have never experienced before. Many weather records were broken during that historic storm. Many places were in below freezing temps for nine days straight! The inches of snow we received was unbelievable! We had about six inches already this past January and we thought that was nothing and that was it. Hah, we were wrong.

On Saturday, February 13th, we got about an inch and a half of ice. It was terrible. Beautiful on the trees but terrible for driving or simply walking on your porch. The following day, Valentine’s Day, we received about 6+inches of snow. Three or four days later, more ice. Texas decided to do controlled rolling blackouts. This was to ensure we wouldn’t lose our power completely for the entire state. So, we had power in one hour intervals. One hour on, one hour off for about three days.

As if things couldn’t be worse, we also lost our water. The water treatment plants lost power and so we ended up losing water. Finally after about four days of the rolling blackouts we had steady power back on. We had to continue to boil our water for another week and conserve so no showering, laundry, or dishwashing. I kind of secretly enjoyed the no laundry 😉 however, the mountain I had to tackle once we could resume laundry was no fun.

So here we are today. A beautiful sunny day. Blue skies, light breeze and 66 degrees. Wonderful! It’s hard to believe this is the same place from two weeks ago. I don’t mind having snow once in a while but the ice and freezing temps I can do without.

By the way, the main blog photo showing the snow on the ground was from our backyard. I dug a path leading from our back porch to the fence. Then, I cleared about a foot from the fence so my dog had an area to walk and go potty. 🙂 She was not a fan of the cold, wet snow. It was funny, though, to watch her step on the ice and ski all the way from the porch to the fence. Not so funny, when I had to ski down myself to get her because she couldn’t walk back up. (haha)

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