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Do you like to use shower gel and lotion? I am a HUGE fan of both. I usually restock at Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale in June. That’s also convenient because it falls over my birthday. 🙂 I can usually buy enough to last me two years or longer. Here are some of my favorites:

Shower Gel


As you can see, most of the fragrances I like are retired. I haven’t purchased any in almost a year so I have many scents to try. I usually pair the same shower gel with the lotion to carry the fragrance from the shower and after. Since I have been so happy with Bath and Body Works products, I recently decided to try their candles. They are from White Barn.

They had a HUGE sale in the beginning of December or end of November, I forget now but their 3-wick candles were just $9.99! Did I take advantage of that sale? Nope. Why? Well, I found out about the sale in the morning and figured I would shop online when I got off of work. Guess what? Plan failed. When I logged on, everything was sold out. 🙁 But, I did end up buying some single wick candles on sale so it wasn’t all bad. Here’s the candles I bought:


  • Twisted Peppermint (single wick) – they are currently out of stock
  • Champagne Toast

I was extremely impressed with their candles. The fragrance was so nice. It wasn’t too strong either. I burned it in my office while I worked and it was just enough. For years, I have been a devoted Yankee Candle fan, however, after trying these candles I just might have a new favorite. It’s definitely nice to know that I can shop at one place and find everything I need.

Have you ever tried these candles or their shower gels and lotions? If so, what are your favorites?

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