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Oh, how I love to read! Reading is high on my list of things to relax. When I feel stressed or overwhelmed with just the day to day, I can grab a book and get lost. My mind has nothing else to focus on but what I’m reading. To me, there is nothing better than grabbing a book, a blanket, a warm cup of tea or coffee, and snuggling someplace cozy.

For years, I thought that my favorite genre was non-fiction. There is just something about reading a true story. I can think about images in my head while I’m reading and just imagine that it really happened. However, I have recently ventured out and started to read fiction books, too, and you know, I can see that I have been missing something. Now, when I say fiction, I don’t mean those Harlequin romance novels. Blech! Just good stories, from good authors.

Here’s a list of books that I’ve recently read:

I would highly recommend all of those books. They are so good! As you can see there is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction in there probably more non-fiction, though. I tell you there is just something about reading a book, being fascinated by it, and then knowing it’s true or really happened, too. For example, the books about Auschwitz just blow me away. I just cannot imagine what really happened.

Have you read any of those books above? I will do some book reviews about some of those and other books, too. If you did read any, what did you think about them?

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