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I recently landed a position that allows me to work from home. After I accepted the job, I started thinking about how I would like to have my office and everything I would need to make it set up for work but also keep it relaxing. I do want to mention that all of my opinions and reviews in this post are exactly that, my opinions.

I am fortunate to have a dedicated space that is quiet and secluded from the day to day noise. (kids and dog) We have a guest bedroom that I cleared out and transformed into my office. It’s still a work in progress but I’m slowly making it my own.


The first thing I purchased was a desk. I needed something that gave me enough space for two monitors and an area for writing and this one gave me just that. What first attracted me to this desk was the wood. I love things that have a rustic look to them and this was perfect. The desk was easy to put together and is just perfect for me. I think it was meant to be, too, because after I purchased it, it has shown “currently unavailable” for over a month. Had I waited in my decision, I would have missed out.

Oh, let me brag on their customer service for a moment. When we were putting the desk together, I misread which screws to use for a particular bracket. We accidentally used a screw that was too long and it ended up popping through the wood on the other side. Thankfully, I was able to glue the wood back down but it’s still frustrating that that happened. I contacted their customer service and the gentleman I spoke with was so kind to offer me a $50 credit. That was completely unexpected. I would buy from them again.


The next thing I bought was a chair. Okay, this chair is AMAZING! My husband has had the same chair for a couple of years now. That’s how I knew I wanted the same one. Every time I would go in his office and sit in his chair, it was so comfortable. So, I bought the same one. I will say that this chair is on the pricey side but I promise you that it is worth every penny. When I bought mine, I actually got it $150 less because they were having a Labor Day sale. So, if you are interested, just keep an eye out because I’m sure it will be on sale again.

So, why is this chair so amazing? It’s just so well made. The chair is very heavy and you can tell that the pieces are quality. It’s quiet and smooth when you are sitting in it and spin or lean back. It does have a locking mechanism that allows you to not lean back but I have mine unlocked. I like to have the ability to just stretch back when I want to. It also has moving armrests that you can slide forward or angle to the sides and the seat cushion also moves forward and back. I really can’t say enough good things about this chair. It just may be the last chair I’ll ever need.

Foot rest

To accompany the chair I bought this. This is another item that I could not do without. I am a fidgety person by nature. I’m always shaking a leg, wiggling a foot or just plain moving around. I can never just sit and not do something. So, this foot rest allows me to keep my feet occupied while I’m working. In the picture, you can see that the foot rest is soft and perfect to rest your feet on. But, what I like to do even more, is flip the foot rest over, and then that allows me to rock it back and forth. That helps with circulation in your legs, too, because you are flexing your feet and calves up and down. That’s exactly what I do all day long.


Lastly, I bought this keyboard and mouse. These are very well made and feel good to use. The keyboard is heavy and is so comfortable to type on. I love the wireless feature because I can just move the keyboard anywhere I want without worrying about cords in the way. The mouse is so nice to use, too. The texture is like a soft, rubbery skin and the clicks of the mouse feel good. It is also wireless so that’s another plus. I can put it any place and still use it.

All of these products I would buy in a heartbeat again. I highly recommend them. Again, it’s my personal opinion, though. If you are looking for any of the above mentioned items, read some of the reviews and compare them to similar items.

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