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We purchased a washer and dryer set when we bought our new house several years ago. We decided on the Maytag Bravo XL Commercial grade set. Over the years, we’ve had different brands and styles. We’ve had a GE set that we bought based on the lower price. They worked well, however, the knobs are plastic and eventually broke off. They cost $50+ to replace one plastic knob. We declined to do that and ended up using a set of pliers to turn the metal knob post.

We’ve also had the Samsung front loading washer and dryer. Oh boy! Thankfully, those were in a rental house and not ours. First of all, they were difficult to get laundry in and out of. Secondly, the washer smelled horrible! The rubber lining inside holds wet lint and other gross things and it’s not easy to clean either. After using them and shopping for our own, we new top on our list was not to buy that style.

We went to our local Lowe’s and found the Maytag set. They are Commercial Grade which means they are built to be heavy duty. The washer has a really large tub in it and can handle bedding and more. Both the washer and dryer are really quiet, too. The washer has a clean reminder that goes off about once a month depending how often you do laundry. All you do to clean it is place it on the clean cycle, drop in one Affresh cleaning tablet and off it goes. I have cleaned it religiously since we bought it and it’s just like brand new. Not a hint of smell at all.

Dryer above

If you are looking for a new washer and dryer set, consider the Maytag brand. The pair we have is most likely discontinued now since it’s about seven years old, if we ever have to replace them in the future, we would definitely buy Maytag again.

Do you prefer front loading or top loading style washer and dryers?

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