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I had been using a Kindle Touch for years. I believe I got that as a gift back in 2011. I enjoyed using it to read but over the years it slowly started to go out of style, I guess you could say. It didn’t have a backlit screen so you could only read it in a bright light setting. No reading in bed at night. It also seemed to be slow in its responsiveness to the touch screen commands, although it may have just appeared that way in comparison to the speed of everything these days.

I decided to make the decision to put it to rest and order a newer version. I got the Kindle Paperwhite. I have to say that they look very similar to each other. I know that Amazon claims it to be the thinnest and most lightweight but honestly, they both seem almost the same to me. After reading the description about everything the Kindle Paperwhite can do, I have to say that the two biggest features that sold me were the backlit screen and the battery life. Yes! I can now read anywhere. I have used it in bed at night a couple of times when I couldn’t seem to fall asleep. Wonderful! 🙂

One place I haven’t used it and won’t use it is in the bath tub. I am a HUGE bath fan. That is my getaway to relax ( I will save that for another post ;)) but one thing I never do in the tub is bring in expensive electronics. I have read to many horror stories of people dropping their phones in the water or Airpods, etc. So, to me, that won’t happen because I won’t let the opportunity arise. I do bring my phone in but it stays outside the tub and I use wired earbuds. 😉 So, back on topic, even though Amazon claims the Paperwhite is waterproof, I will never test out that theory.

The battery life is pretty good, too. I read almost every day. I read while eating breakfast most mornings and sometimes in the evenings. If I have a slower day at work, I’ll read in between calls, etc. So, I use it pretty frequently and find that I may need to charge it once a week or maybe two. Not too bad.

I also purchased a really nice protective leather cover for it, too. It has a really soft interior that helps to protect the screen. There is a magnet inside the cover that keeps it closed and it is instant on when you lift the cover. There are many different designs you can choose but I loved this mountain scene. 🙂

I am not one to buy books. Nope. Can’t get myself to do that. I even got a $5.00 Kindle book credit to use on Amazon and probably will never use it. I just can’t get myself to spend money to buy something that I have no idea whether I’ll like or not. I am and have always been a heavy library patron or Kindle Unlimited user. Currently I use Kindle Unlimited because it’s more convenient for me. My library card actually expired over this past year and since I haven’t stepped foot into the library since COVID, I will have to wait to get my card reactivated so that I can use other services such as OverDrive.

I love being able to go on to Amazon and browse through their Kindle Unlimited books. I usually set the star rating to the highest and then search for books that have the most reviews. I have found several good books that way. I usually go through about two books each month. There are a few that I have my eye on, however, that never seem to be on the “free” list. One of them is “Where the Crawdads Sing”. I really want to read that but it’s for purchase only. I’ll be patient and see if it ever crosses over to the free side. If not, it may have to wait until I get back into the library. Again, I can’t justify in my mind that it is good enough to actually buy it. 😉

Do you have any electronic reading devices? If so, which one do you have? What do you like about it?

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