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To me, there is nothing better than sitting down to work on a puzzle. Not just any kind of puzzle mind you, but a jigsaw puzzle. I could spend hours upon hours working on one. I don’t own many puzzles at the moment but the ones that I do have, I’ve put together and taken apart several times. It’s just one of those things that I find very relaxing. It takes my mind off of whatever might be weighing on me and shifts my focus to something else.

I have put together many different brands of puzzles but my favorite is White Mountain. They boast themselves on having one of the highest quality puzzles and I would have to agree with that. The pieces are thick and stay together so well. It’s frustrating to be working on a puzzle and have the pieces constantly coming apart. White Mountain puzzles stay together so well you can almost pick it up in one entire piece after completing it.

These puzzle usually cost between $17-$20 on Amazon. However, since the pandemic, the puzzles are running $40-$50. Ridiculous! I read that many of these puzzle companies are short staffed due to the virus and so they are backlogged with orders. That makes sense, however, just regular people inflating their prices for people to buy their puzzles is terrible. So, for now, I will rework the puzzles I have until the prices go back to normal. You will see that many of the puzzles on White Mountain are out of stock but reasonably priced. They have a statement on their website that puzzles will ship within 1 to 2 days but they are still behind on the demand.

I would suggest buying directly from them. They are much cheaper and have a larger assortment.

Here is a list of the puzzles I have completed from them:

Cereal Boxes

Readers Paradise

Candy Wrappers

Wacky Packages

The Garden Shop – I couldn’t find this puzzle on either Amazon or White Mountain

Loved them all! Unfortunately, about three of those have one missing piece. A piece fell from the table and my dog got a hold of it before I had a chance to get if from her. I always forget which piece is missing so it makes it a little more challenging each time I do it.

My son got me a puzzle for Mother’s Day. It’s from Eiggsco and it’s 1000 pieces, too. I have just started it and it’s going to be challenging. Most of the pieces look the same but I am up for that challenge, for sure. Honestly, the pieces cannot compare with White Mountain. They just don’t stay together very well, in my opinion. It’s difficult to know if two pieces actually belong together or just happen to fit. Plus, removing them and trying them in different spots causes the cardboard backing to peel.

Another option to buy puzzles would be to buy them used. I don’t think I would be happy with a used puzzle. There is something about opening a brand new puzzle and putting it together. The feel of the pieces and the smell, too. Putting together a used puzzle wouldn’t be the same. Plus, the pieces may not fit as well because they’ve probably been put together many times before. So, I’m just one of those weird people who just prefer new of certain things.

Any other White Mountain puzzle lovers out there? Any other brands that are similar or better? I really think that once you try White Mountain, you’ll never go back to any other brand.

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