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What is just peachy, you ask? Our peach tree. Yes, our solo peach tree is as happy as can be. Aside from the week covered with ice during our deep freeze here in Texas, it seems as if life has gone on as usual.

It’s amazing to me because the leaves literally grow overnight. There can be no sign at all of leaves on a branch and by morning not only are there leaves but they are a pretty good size, too. I am so tempted to just stay up all night watching it grow. 🙂

We planted this tree in 2016. Actually, we had planted two peach trees at that time. Unfortunately, we lost one of them in 2019/2020. It had been uprooted several times during strong winds and storms and I think that stressed it. It also developed some sort of disease in the trunk that looked like molasses. Kind of gross and definitely not a good thing for the tree. We ended up cutting it down.

Peach trees are self pollinating so you don’t really need two of them to have peaches. In fact, we had peaches on our trees the same year we planted them. I’ve read that it can take a couple of years to get fruit but not these trees.

I don’t really do anything to the tree either except for an occasional fertilizer, maybe once a year and then pruning branches in the winter. You want to prune the branches into a V shape. Any branches growing down get cut off, as well. Every Spring they bloom with beautiful, sweet smelling flowers. They look like cherry blossoms. Each one of those blossoms will turn into a peach. Once those blossoms appear, you need to pull some off leaving about a two inch space between flowers. Since our tree has grown so much, I can no longer reach the top so it’s just covered with baby peaches.

As you can see, this year our peach crop is abundant. They will usually be ripe and ready to pick and eat in June. There really is nothing better than walking out to a fruit tree, picking off a piece of fruit, and eating it. Yum! Of course, washing it first. 😉

Do you have any fruit trees? If so, what kinds and do you do anything special to them?

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