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A big part of planning for a trip is figuring out where you would like to stay. When I plan to visit some place, I look at both expensive and cheaper priced places. I have made a list below of the top 10 places that personally found either interesting or some place that I would like to stay. They are in no particular order.

  • Phantom Ranch – this place is very interesting to me and I would love to stay here. I may have to add this to my Bucket list. 😉 It’s located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and can only be reached by hiking, mule, or rafting on the river. The reservation process is unique, too. Since there is such high demand for reservations, they use a lottery system. This system begins 15 months before the reservation date. It looks like individual cabins that you stay in and they have a canteen restaurant that serves breakfast and dinner. I think it would be a cool experience.
  • El Tovar – this historic hotel was built in 1905. Wow! If you on the fence about whether you would want to stay here, just look at the pictures. Beautiful! I love the rustic look. Apparently, there are 78 rooms and no two are alike. The hotel is built right on the rim of the canyon, too. I could only imagine the views. I think if I stayed here, I would want to book a suite. They just look amazing inside.
  • The Red Feather Lodge hotel – this hotel is simply nice. It has a nice look to it and just gives me the feeling of warmth and a place I would feel comfortable going to after the end of a busy day. There are many restaurants and things to do within walking distance of the hotel. Show your key and get a discount, too.
  • Tiny house in Grand Canyon. This is definitely different. It’s an Airbnb and a tiny home. It’s off the grid, too, so no running water, electricity, etc. There is a porta potty outside for use but this is really more like glamorous camping. What draws me to it, again, is the experience of staying there even for one night. I would love to step outside in the middle of the night and see how many stars I can see.
  • Baby Quail Inn – This is an older hotel but has a lot of high ratings. I like hotels that are within walking distance to many things. This one is in walking distance to restaurants, galleries, and food markets. They also have complimentary breakfast daily.
  • Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn – I love the look of this hotel. It looks so warm, inviting, and family friendly. It has four on-site restaurants, a gift shop, and a huge indoor swimming pool. It’s only a 10 minute drive to the canyon.
  • Arizona Luxury Expeditions – Yes, Yes, and Yes! I have to do this at least once. When I was younger, I loved to go camping. Tent camping, too, not in some pop up camper. This looks like camping in tents. Tents with mattresses inside mind you, but hey, I’ll take it. All meals and guide tours are included.
  • Bright Angel Lodge – this looks like an interesting place to stay. It was built in 1896 and has some original rooms that use a shared bathroom to more updated rooms. It features restaurants, a saloon, and coffee shop. The fireplace is made out of rocks taken from the canyon bed all the way up to the rim of the canyon. Cool!
  • Thunderbird Lodge – This is a contemporary style hotel with views of the canyon and walking distances to hiking trails, restaurants, and gift shops. The main attraction of this hotel is that it is located right on the rim of the canyon.
  • Williams – This hotel is about an hour’s drive from the main Grand Canyon village located on Route 66. It’s an historic hotel. One perk of staying a distance away from the canyon is that the pricing is cheaper. A few things to do nearby this hotel are diners, shops, and attractions like Bearizona Wildlife Park, and the Route 66 zipline.

Have you visited in the Grand Canyon area? If so, where did you stay? Have you stayed in one of the places on my list? I would love to know.

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