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So, as you all know, it’s been a crazy almost year and a half now. My family has chosen to quarantine this entire time. Yes, a family of five. Two adults and three teenagers, plus one fur baby. 🙂 But, this has been a personal decision of ours.

Many people I know have chosen to continue their lives as usual. Taking precautions mind you, but not staying home 24/7. That’s not us. Our kids have all been attending school virtually while my husband and I are lucky and grateful to be able to work from home. I actually switched careers last fall because I worked in a public school and did not want to be exposed in that position. Things happen for a reason, though, because I was lucky to land a position which I love and with a company that I love, too.

Has it been a sacrifice for us? Definitely. Do we regret this decision? No. Do I long to be able to return to normal life? YES! I find myself feeling jealous of the people who are going out and living their lives and haven’t had any issues. But, I know me and I know my luck. If I would attempt to do that, it wouldn’t turn out that same way. So, this is the choice we have made as a family. We have chosen to stay home.

My husband and I will be fully vaccinated in about three weeks. 🙂 What a great feeling. Well, it should be a great feeling, however, I still feel like I can’t let my guard down because of all the other variants out there. You still need to take precautions. Our three kids have not been vaccinated yet, either. So we still have a ways to go but we are heading in the right direction.

Over the past few months of our quarantine, I have found myself daydreaming quite a lot. I’ve had this yearning inside to be some place else. Watching shows on tv about other countries and places to travel to and just wishing I could do that in that present moment.

I’ve decided since I can’t physically travel now, that I will do the next best thing. Dream. That has led me to start a new section in my blog called “If I Could….”. This will focus on places that “If I Could” go there and share all about them. I think it will fill that need of wishing I were some place else. I will be researching the area and all of the things to do and places to stay. It will feel like I am planning my own trip and hey, who knows what that might lead to in the safer future. I will have most of my trips planned out already. 🙂

If you have any suggestions on places to visit both nationally and internationally, I would love to hear them. Or simply places you’ve been dreaming about. I will do the leg work and plan your trip for you. With all that is entailed in the research and planning of a trip, these posts may be up once a month. We’ll see.

I’m excited about starting this new section on my blog. I will continue posting about life in general, too, but I’m hoping this new idea satisfies my daydreaming bug.

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