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Yes, they can and it’s very cool! Where do you need to go to hear them? To the Upper Black Eddy in Pennsylvania. We went there about ten years ago and it’s an experience we’ll never forget.

What makes the rocks ring?

The rocks occupy about seven acres and are about 10 feet deep in the Ringing Rocks Park. In 1965, a group of scientists decided to analyze the rocks to see what caused them to make those ringing sounds. They performed several tests on the rocks and determined that they do in fact ring and often with tones that are lower than the human ear can perceive. That still doesn’t answer the “why.” It’s been said that maybe the freeze and thaw cycle of the rocks causes the ringing sounds. That cycle is in fact what caused the rocks to develop.

A few things to know before you go

Bring your own hammer or something similar, preferably something made of metal. They do not provide anything at the park and you will need them to bang on the rocks. Wear closed toed shoes. Not only can the rocks be slippery, but you have to walk down some paths in the woods to get to the field of rocks. On our experience, there are tree roots to step over on the paths sometimes tree limbs that you have to climb over and, oh yeah, giant centipedes. Yes, those were a little unnerving to see scurry across your path but just leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be stung by one so closed toes shoes would be best. I do remember a nice waterfall along the walking path, too. So if you do go to check this out, be sure to look for that. I also remember they did not have any restrooms aside from port o potties so be sure to go before you go.

What do they rocks sound like?

Here is a clip of how the rocks sound when you bang on them. Pretty cool, huh? Oh and don’t think about taking a rock home with you. First all, they are huge! Second of all, they will not make that ringing sound by themselves. They need the other rocks in order to produce the sound. Lastly, why would you want to take one from this cool park.

If you’ve ever been to this park, share below. I’d love to know what your experience was like. Or, if you are planning to be in that area, make a point to go. It’s truly something you will never forget.

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