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Who doesn’t enjoy the sound of a wood burning fireplace? The snapping, cracking and popping of the wood as it burns. To me, there is nothing more relaxing. But, can a candle sound similar? Why, yes it can and it’s called WoodWick. You can find them online at places like Amazon, Yankee Candle, and more. I got my first WoodWick candle for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago and have always made sure to have at least one in the house.

WoodWick candles are made with a blend of paraffin wax and soy. The soy and paraffin produce a much cleaner burn and the candles are virtually smoke free. When you light the wick it produces a crackling sound which is similar to the sound a wood burning fireplace would make.

How does it work? The wick is actually made from wood. It undergoes a process that reduces the moisture in the wood but leaves small pockets of water behind. When the wick is burned, the wood heats up and the water trapped inside of those pockets boils and bursts. That’s what creates the crackling sound.

I have purchased two different scents so far and have loved them both.

  • WW Trilogy (Coastal Sunset, Seaside Mimosa, Island Coconut) this smells amazing! Subtle but takes you away to a tropical paradise
  • Frasier Fir ( smells like Christmas all year round)

I like to use my candles when I take a bath. Keeping the lights off and lighting the candle. Between the warm water, the silence and only the sound of the candle crackling, I don’t think much else is needed for relaxation.

Have you ever heard of these candles before? Have you tried them? Which scents are your favorite?

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