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Ah yes, heaven I say. 🙂 This past year, I have to say, has been amazing. Having to stay home and not go out anywhere. I even changed jobs to one that is remote and lets me work from home. I am smiling as I type this.

Now I know this kind of lifestyle is not for everyone. Those who are extroverted lost their minds. (haha) I can understand that, though, because they reenergize on being around people and socializing. They need that interaction and being virtual and seeing someone over a computer screen just isn’t enough.

Introverts, however, thrive and reenergize on being alone. Even though I work remotely, I still have to attend meetings virtually and that can be draining sometimes especially when they require cameras to be on. Not a fan but you do what you have to do. Sometimes, after a long day of calls or attending meetings, I take time to just be by myself. I will take a hot bath or go into a quiet room to read. That brings me back to my norm. If I don’t take that time and just spend the rest of my day watching tv and talking with my family, it just drains me more. That small time to be alone helps so much.

I have been introverted for as long as I can remember. It’s something that I wish were different for me because it has hindered my life in many ways as far as my career, friends, etc. Many times people think that I am snobby or something is wrong because I’m quiet. At the same time, I’m glad I’m not a social butterfly and have to be in the center of things all the time.

When they first announced the lockdown last year and most people were falling apart, I was thinking this was life as usual for me. I did fine and really didn’t feel much change. Like those shirts say “I was socially distancing before it was cool”. (haha)

Anyone feel the same way? What is your go to for reenergizing?

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