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Has this ever happened to you before? After applying to a job online, a few days later a job recruiter contacts you in a “hiring urgently” manner. You get excited about this possible new job and send your resume right away. You also start to do some research on the new promising position and can start to imagine how the interview might go and maybe even picture yourself working there. But after a few days of hearing nothing back from the once urgent recruiter, you start to wonder where you went wrong.

This is something that has happened to me several times while going through the job search process. This is called ghosting. Yep. Exactly the kind of thing that happens in some dating situations, too. I find it highly unprofessional and quite disrespectful, as well.

My experience with ghosting

In my case, I thought I had found the “perfect” job. A recruiter sent an email to me stating that he thought I was the perfect candidate. He asked me to please send my resume as soon as possible because his client was “urgently hiring.” I responded immediately. Following my response, I heard nothing back. I gave it a few days thinking maybe he was busy or waiting to hear from his client but still heard nothing. I decided to contact him directly and called his number only to have no one answer. Super frustrating.

My first thought was that maybe he wasn’t interested after receiving my resume. However, he had a copy prior which is why he reached out to me in the first place. But, my negative thinking sometimes makes me assume that it was a problem with me. I happened to catch a video on tv about this very thing. To my surprise, others have experienced this, too.

I also found out that recruiters do this sometimes for a few reasons. The first could be that the job has changed meaning the client is no longer wishing to fill that position. Or, the recruiter may have left their job or taken a vacation. Regardless, it’s not right to just leave someone hanging.

If this should happen to you, don’t take it personally. Just know that this is something that can happen from time to time and it’s not about you. You can simply follow up with the recruiter and see what the status is on the position and if they ignore you then move on. It’s not meant to be.

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