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My husband surprised me with this new robot vacuum by Bagotte. I’ve always been curious about those kinds of vacuums but not enough to pay the outrageous price to buy one. He found a great deal over the Black Friday deal days on Amazon and bought one for me. Oh boy, my life has changed. Let me tell you a little about it.

I have the Bagotte BG600 Max model. When I opened the box, the first thing that popped out at me was a thank you card from the company for purchasing their product. I thought that was a nice little touch. It was extremely easy to put together. All that was required was turning the power button on underneath the vacuum and snapping the cleaning brushes in place. The vacuum comes with an extra set of brushes, a small cleaning brush, and an extra HEPA filter. The vacuum operates automatically, however, you can use the included remote control to direct it to a particular direction. It’s not loud at all either. It just rolls around the house cleaning everything that comes into its path.

It also comes with a roll of magnetic tape that you can cut and place on the floor for areas you want to keep the vacuum out of. I have not used the tape yet so I can’t give a review on how well that works. Just make sure you have all cords out of reach and no water on the floor and the vacuum will be fine. I can’t get over how well it sucks up everything. It is so thorough, too. It will creep along the baseboard and suck up even the smallest of crumbs, dust, or hair. Honestly, I think it does a better job than when I vacuum with my regular vacuum.

Apparently, you can mop with it, too. There is a water tank and cleaning cloths that you can purchase separately. The water tank replaces the dust bin on the vacuum and you can mop your floors with it. I’m very curious about that. I may have to just buy it and see how it works. I haven’t been able to find a video or review out there on it. I’m all for someone else cleaning my floors though, any day.

I have to admit that when I first saw the brand name I was a little hesitant. I had never heard of them before. When I think of robotic vacuums, Roomba is the first brand I think of. I also wasn’t sure how well it would work. I have some demonstrations in stores where it just looked staged to me. However, I went online and did some research on Bagotte and they have some outstanding reviews. After using mine, I understand why. It truly is incredible! The suction power is amazing! Things that my regular vacuum would just pass over and leave on the floor, the BG will suck it up in a moment’s notice and keep on moving.

My husband has even commented that the floors feel better to walk on. There’s no occasional something that sticks to your bare feet or socks. We have a dog that sheds heavily all year long, too. Just running this vacuum once a day has kept the hair on the floors and carpeting under control.

I love this vacuum so much that I have given it a name. Yes, it’s female and her name is BG. Don’t call me crazy yet because if you do some research you’ll see that other people name their vacuums, too. 😉 I think if you buy one, you’ll understand. There is a special bond that develops quickly between you and the small, circular disk that shares and cleans your living space with you on a daily basis.

Do you have a robotic vacuum and if so, which one? How do you like it? Does yours have a name, too? 🙂

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