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I would have given it a 10 had it not been for the one con I wrote about below. I bought my Apple Watch Series 5 back in the spring of 2019. Best purchase I ever made. It’s funny to hear me say that because for many years I was an Android user. My husband and kids all had iPhones but I held off and stuck by my Android. Until one day…….I decided to switch and get an iPhone. I never realized what I was missing. Had I not made that purchase, too, it never would have led me to the watch.


Where do I begin. There are so many features that this watch has to offer. I think the one I use the most and am most grateful for is the ability to set timers and add reminders. So many times while I’m cooking, I’ll just raise my arm and say “Set a timer for XXX minutes”. Then, Siri replies “done” and it’s set. Love that! With reminders, all I need to do is tell Siri what I want to be reminded about and when and she’ll add it to my reminders. Those two features in themselves makes this watch priceless.

Another feature it has is the ECG. I’ve tried it a few times but you can leave it on to monitor your heart and if it detects anything off it will alert you. I don’t have mine set because I’m a chicken and don’t want to know. (haha) I have manually run one, though, and it was fine. I also like the silent alarm. I wake up each morning at 5:30 a.m. and my watch will wake me by softly tapping my wrist. It’s as if someone is gently poking me to wake up. I also like that I can set many different things on the watch face. I have the temperature, time, weather, activity, date, and email.

You can also reply to texts both verbally and in writing. When someone texts you, you can view the text and then respond by speaking your response to the watch or you can write it on the screen. It captures what you write really well, too. You might think you are just scribbling but it will pick up the words and most of the time displays it correctly.

There are SO many other features you can use. However, I tend to find something I like and stick with it. When I first got the watch, I played around with many of the different features and watch faces and then settled with one I liked and the rest is history.


The one thing I don’t like about the watch is the battery life. I don’t really use my watch other than for looking at the time, emails, and other small things. I never use it as a phone or for music but the battery needs to be charged daily. Coming from a FitBit where I could charge for one week at a time, this is a little frustrating. As soon as I wake up each morning I put it to charge and it’s ready to go after I’m dressed for work. I really can’t say there’s anything else that I don’t like about the watch. It just works so well and looks sharp, too.

If you get an Apple Watch be mindful of the screen. I would suggest you get some sort of screen protector on it. I didn’t have one for about a month after I bought the watch and ended up scratching the screen. You just can’t prevent those times of banging your watch on a table or something. This is the screen protector I have. I’m really happy with it. You may think that you won’t be bumping the watch on anything but trust me you will.

You can also buy different bands for the watch. It doesn’t have to be from Apple either. I have a few different styles that I bought and just swap them out when I want them to match something I’m wearing or make something a little more dressy or casual.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting an Apple Watch I think you won’t be disappointed. There are by far more pros than cons. It will be life changing in many ways, too. If you have an Apple Watch do you have any favorite apps or complications that you like? Which watch face do you use? I use the Infograph face, although Mickey and Minnie Mouse do make an appearance on occasion. 😉

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